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Grow Your Business with New York Search Engine Optimization

Everything is becoming digital around us. If you do not have an online presence, you do not have a presence at all. Then again, so many companies and people have already established their place online. One cannot just come and become the best. To rank at the top of search results, New York SEO Services is required.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO can bring your desired traffic to your website without spending a hefty amount of money on advertisement. The organic traffic is what makes your website and webpages gain a higher authority as well. A New York SEO agency can make you one of the top search results, provided you have chosen the perfect agency.

According to statistics, the link at the top of any Google search gets 42% of the traffic. The second result gets around 11%, which is exponentially lesser than the first result. When a page is on the third rank, it only gets about 4% of the traffic. If you do the maths 42+11+4= 57, 57% of the total traffic is consumed by the top 3 search results of any keyword. To get the best out of your website, you need to rank at the top.


Our SEO Process for New York
New York is the most populated city in the United States, which means the most number of competitions. Every year thousands of dreamers come to NYC to pursue their dream, become someone famous and get at the top. This city is densely populated with genius and creative people. To stand out, you need to be unique. Similarly, if you want to climb up the search results, you need to know which factors make that happen. We have been in business for years, and we know what works and what doesn't.

Our New York SEO process Comprises of Looking Into the Matter Step-by-Step:-

It is a known fact that keywords are the most crucial factor in the process of SEO. We will help you in determining which particular keyword to target. We will also guide you through the placement of the keyword.
The first thing a visitor will see is your domain name. If we find that your existing domain name is not appropriate, we will suggest to you what changes you need to make.
Then we will identify the problematic areas. We will see which factor of SEO you are lacking. We will then replace the problematic ones and add non- existing ones.
We will keep on taking feedbacks and updates from Google console and keep on updating your page.

SEO Services for New York
JSM understands that just optimising your content will not be enough. The SEO experts here have a solution for your SEO related problems. The SEO services New York we provide-

1. WordPress SEO
Almost 80% of the websites are made on WordPress. So it is essential to WordPress SEO your website. Chances are your competitors have already done it and are reaping its benefits. Why stay behind when you can be ahead. Our SEO package provides everything that you need, including WordPress optimisation.

2. Small Business SEO
Competing for exposure with MNCs become extra hard when you are a Small Business. SEO for small businesses in New York needs to be very detailed. You need the correct guidance, and we are here for that. You make good quality goods and services, and we will make sure they reach the seekers.

3. Local SEO Services
Not everyone is concerned with becoming the best in the world. Some just want to rule the local search results. JSM can make it happen for you. We will make sure you get a high quality flow of local traffic on your website.

4. Ecommerce SEO
With the increasing trend of online shopping, there is a massive increase in e-commerce sites as well. Everyone has something or the other to sell. Our SEO Company New York will help you understand how e-commerce sites should be optimised to get the best results.

5. Mobile SEO
More Google searches are taking place by phone than by computers. Google has started giving a lot of importance to the mobile experience of a website. Optimising your website for mobile is essential. SEO New York cannot be skipped and later expect to get great results.

6. SEO by Industry
The SEO New York technique that worked for one industry doesn't need to work for another as well. A makeup tutorial that has a backlink for a beauty blog is very useful. But if the video had a backlink to bike repair shops, then it will not be helpful. We provide industry-based SEO guidance that is specific to your industry only.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the best Web Services in the world

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helps you get organic traffic on your website. By optimising your website according to the standards of Google, you can secure a place on the first page of the search results. This technique will bring traffic without putting any advertisement. Online traffic means some will convert into potential customers that will eventually improve your business.

Any business that provides products or services only to its surrounding can use Local SEO. Restaurants, Saloons, Local laundry etc. can use Local SEO New York to improve their sales. If your target audience is only the locals living around, then you can use this SEO technique. It is seen that after looking for something local people physically visit that place as well. So if you want locals to visit your business, this SEO technique is for you.

NAP means the Name, Address and Phone Number of any business. The more information you provide to Google, the more it believes you. It also helps Google decide which businesses to show for geo-targeted searches. If this information is not delivered correctly, then Google will select the one that has provided them with it. If your business is optimised, according to New York SEO, it will show in New York's local search results.

If you get your business listed on Google My Business and fill up every detail properly, then your business will also be visible on Google Maps. You can further guarantee your place in Google Maps by getting registered in other online business directories and provide your location everywhere.

Achieving a high rank in the search result of places outside your physical location is not an easy task. You should consult an SEO agency New York about this. You can write location-specific pages for the areas you want to rank at, but that is not a good practice.

JSM Digital Marketing does not only provide SEO services New York, but they also offer other Digital Marketing services. Here you can get your entire website designed and maintained along with the SEO. All your website and digital marketing related concerns are taken care of here.

JSM has worked for almost every industry on the internet. Yet there are always exceptions. Even if you are our 1st client from your respective industry, our efficient developers will bring your website at the top. We have years of experience, and we put that in our projects.

We have been taking websites to the top for years. With in-depth understanding and the utilisation of the internet, we assure productive returns for your business. JSM specialises in working will both big and small companies and has expertise in B2b segments. We have certifications from Google Adword, Google Analytics and Google programs. In short, leave your SEO worries to us.

JSM Digital Marketing offers four different SEO packages – Basic, Plus, Professional and Premier. Basic would cost you 149 USD or 10,999 INR, Plus costs 299 USD or 20,999 INR, Professional would cost 599 USD or 40,999 INR, and Premier would cost you 899 USD or 60,999 INR. An additional GST charge of 18% will be applied to all the services.

All that we are here for is to improve your online presence. If we find that your website needs specific technical changes, we will inform you. Only after a thorough discussion, we will make any technical changes on your website.

Our website has a pop up chatting bot. If you have any immediate query, you can communicate with us from there. We aim to become the smoothest New York SEO services you have come across. We send you the work reports via emails, and most of the communication will also take place in that way.


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