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JSM Digital Marketing: Your One Stop Destination for Your Off-Page Optimisation Needs!
With the digital world progressing at an astounding rate, most businesses and companies are taking its advantage to expand their brands’ market. While having a website is one of the prerequisites of creating a brand identity, making sure that the website is generating proper traffic is also important.

That is why, if you are a business owner or a service provider with a website for your company, it is important to know about how to use off-page SEO optimization to generate traffic for your website!

We at JSM Digital Marketing specialize at providing off-page SEO services to ensure that you get the best of what every digital platform has to offer! ...

But first, let’s take a look at what off page SEO entails!

What does SEO mean?

The term SEO or Search Engine Optimization was introduced around a decade ago and denotes the visibility of a website on any search engine. It is a marketing tool that helps to spread word about your business to your target customers.

Now, using SEO to generate more traffic for your website is not an easy task. With search engines like Google changing their algorithms ever so often, it becomes difficult for websites to keep up with the trend.

That is why, it is important for you to get a good company that offers great SEO services. Because apart from generating traffic for your website, SEO also increases its user-friendliness and credibility!

So now that we have established what SEO is, let us take a detailed look at how we at JSM Digital Marketing help you to attract more customers using SEO.

Types of SEO:

There are two types of SEO that can help your website to get more hits- on page SEO optimization and off page SEO optimization.

While on-page SEO refers to the making your website suitable for search engines, by customizing various settings, Off- Page SEO techniques refer to the different activities you can perform outside of your website!

Using both these instruments to your advantage is extremely crucial to ensure that your website gets a high ranking on search engines. It is our job as off-site optimization expert to ensure that you enjoy the maximum benefits that off-page SEO has to offer!

What does Off-page/ off site SEO optimization entail?

Off-page SEO optimization refers to suing various tools outside of your website to make your website SEO-friendly.

Some of the most common means are:
Link building
Content marketing
Social signals

These off-page SEO techniques help you to ensure that your website makes use of the entire digital space to get a better search engines rankings.

Now, before delving deeper about our off-page SEO services, let us have a gander at why it is necessary for your website.

The importance of Off-page SEO:

The job of search engines is to return the most relevant search results to the searcher. To do this they take on-site SEO techniques into account. Additionally, they also take Off-site SEO techniques into consideration.

Studies show that a website that contains links to other websites performs better than the websites without the links. That is why link building is a crucial tool when it comes to SEO optimization.

Our off-site optimization services include making use of the above tools to make your website more SEO friendly and generate more traffic!

Benefits of using Off-Page SEO services:

With our useful off-page optimization services, you can get the following benefits for your business:

Better rankings:
Your website will be higher in the Search Engine Results Page or SERPS and will get a better ranking.

Greater exposure:
When your website gets a higher ranking on search engines, it automatically gets more exposure. A higher ranking means more links from other websites, more social media mentions and more visits from potential customers. And as the saying goes- “the more there is, the better it is".

A better PageRank:
PageRank is one of the factors used by Google to rank a website. It is the number between 0 and 10 that informs about the importance of a website for Google. It is one of the reasons why Google is so adept at showing the most relevant search results for anything.

Therefore, needing Off-Page SEO help to boost your website’s ranking is extremely beneficial if executed properly!

Let us now take a look at the methods of off-site SEO optimization.

Link building:

Link building is akin to collecting votes. The more external links you have on your website, the more votes you get that your website is reliable. It is one of the most effective ways of off-page optimization.

For instance, if someone is interested in your website and references it on his/her website, then search engines recognise that your page has reliable information.

Types of link building:
There can be several ways through which you can successfully implement link building for your website. Our off site optimization experts with their experience in the industry swear by some of the following techniques:

Creating content and promoting them:
Content is extremely important for any website. You cannot hope to mobilise your brand without some excellent content in it. We help you to create unique, completely original and creative content that other websites will want to reference and link naturally.

However, it is crucial that you spread the word of your website otherwise you cannot hope to get your website referenced by others!

Collect mentions and reviews of your product:
One of the strategies that is guaranteed to work for link building is generating reviews and mentions for your brand or product. We help you to put your brand or product under the public radar so that influencers and popular bloggers take notice of them and give a shout out on websites.
Linking your website to partners and friends:
It is always helpful to get your website linked to that of your partners or friends. However, many people tend to go off-track with it. You must be careful while link building and maintain a general niche in terms of the industry you are dealing with.

Now, there are two broad categories of link-building: natural and unnatural link building.

We at JSM Digital Enterprises specialise in natural link building as a part of our off-page optimization strategies.

How can you get natural links?

Link building is not an easy task to achieve by any means. It takes years of experience and ample knowledge of how SEO works to get it right!

However, with our off-page optimization help, you can avail the seven methods of getting natural links.

Let’s take a look!
An attractive topic/keyword:
You have to start by assuming that your brand is unknown to people. So what will make people want to visit your website? When you link it to an interesting or “evergreen" topic, you can make sure to get more traffic for your website.

Convert the attractive topic into even more attractive content:
A good topic calls for amazing content. Finding the topic is easy but creating interesting, unique and all around relevant content can be a difficult task. However, with our Off-page SEO help, you can create amazing content that will attract readers to your website.

Create backlinks from your competitors’ websites:
Once you have your topic and content, you need to do a Google search of it and check the top 10 results that turn up. Visit each page and get an idea about the backlinks of each of these websites. Then send personalised emails to each of the people from the backlinks and get them for your own website.

Link roundups:
This is one of the easier methods of link building. Link roundups are daily or monthly blogs that link up relevant and useful content (like yours). You can find these link roundups and suggest them to use your content for their next roundup. You can find the roundups by Google-ing your “content keyword+ link roundup".

Link building for resource pages:
A resource page is extremely useful when it comes to link building. It is a page that lists all the relevant links for a particular topic. So getting your website linked to a resource page is one of our off-page optimization services.

Fixing a broken link:
You can offer to link your website and fix a broken link for other websites. That way, both the websites mutually profit from the link building strategy. However, you have to make sure that the link you are fixing is relevant to your website’s content.

Use guest posting strategy:
Finding a website that accepts guest posting and offering your website for it can be an arduous task. However with our Off-page SEO help you need not take up any hassle. We will do the necessary to get backlinks through guest posting!

But link building is far from the only strategy for off-page optimization.

Let us take a look at some other ways!

Content marketing:

Content marketing is a vast area with tons of potential when it comes to off-page optimization. But the good news is that with our off-site optimization experts, you can get all the strategies for effective content marketing under one roof!

Depending on your budget, we make sure that you get the best of content marketing that will help your website generate the necessary traffic. There are several ways of using content marketing as an instrument to promote your website.

Some of the most useful types of content include:
Data analysis
Expert analysis and contributions
Guest blogging
Expert roundups
Collaboration with other websites on your content campaigning
Local public relations
Include surveys for content marketing

Social signals:

Social signals and bookmarking refer to using the social media platform as an off-page optimization technique.

In 2018, reportedly 2.77 billion people use various social media platforms, not just to interact with other people, but to look up various products and services.

Social signal is the cumulative amount of shares, likes and visibility your website generates from various social media platforms.

When your social media presence attracts the search engines, it automatically presents your website in its search results for relevant content.

With our off-site optimization services, you can use the following strategies to mark your presence on social media platforms:

Create posts regularly:
When you post regularly, your social media presence becomes stronger and your brand comes on top of the social media platforms.

Use graphics and images:
Using images instead of texts makes your brand-page more attractive. It also helps to increase the interaction rates for your website.

Interact with your customers:
Listening to your customers about their grievances and critiques goes a long way in boosting your brand’s social signal.

Monitor your brand’s performance:
There are several apps that help to track the keywords related to your brand’s products and services. You can easily monitor the likes, shares, re-tweets etc. through them.

Keep a presence across all social media platforms:
Make a list of all the social media platforms and make sure that you have a strong presence across them all!

These are some of the ways to boost your social signal across social media. Our off-page optimization services help you to interact with your customers through them.

Why choose us?

We are one of the leading digital marketing services in India. Alongside offering all the services that every digital marketing company typically offers, there are a few factors that set us apart from the rest.

For instance:

We constantly strive to improve:
We do not take anything for granted. That is why, we are always on a lookout to improve our services and keep ourselves updated with times.

We let us clients speak on our behalf:
Our client testimonials are precious for us and we let them speak on our behalf. Our success rate matters more to us than anything else! We are constantly on a competition with ourselves to provide even better services.

We communicate regularly with our clients:
Our services are always at your disposal. We make sure to communicate regularly with our clients and customise our services according to their needs. Thus our off-site optimization help can help you to get a better ranking for your website!


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