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Looking for a digital marketing agency? Get introduced to JSM Digital Marketing here!

If you say, enthusiastic – That we are
If you say, focused – That, of course, we are
If you say, creative – Yes! We are
If you say, specialists – Well, Yes! We Are!

At JSM Digital Marketing (expanding to Jai Santoshi Maa Digital Marketing); here all the trained technology buffs have gathered together to give wings to your business. ...

Having a great online marketing strategy does not just mean an attractive website. It involves a lot of other important factors.

The dynamic team at this agency comprises of professionals specialized in web designing and development, online marketing, application development, web analytics, Search Engine Optimization, online branding and more.

Key Members of the team – Amrit Dubey, Phillis Sylvester, Susan Wright, and Omar Ead.

There are reasons that have made us one of the top digital agency in India.

What’s our qualification?
Having being in this business for years, we have experience in what we do
We have an in-depth understanding of the web and its features
We can utilize the power of the internet to initiate productive returns of your business
We are specialized in working with small to big companies
Our team has expertise in working with B2B segments
We have certification in Google Adwords, Google Analytics and other Google Programs

Our partnership with you
JSM Digital Marketing is among the top digital agencies in India serving different businesses accordingly with customized campaigns. Apart from companies, we have great connections with knowledge partner, technology partner, various associations, delivery partners and others. Together, and we aim at going beyond the standard to provide world-class solutions.

We ensure to build a brand image that will keep you a step ahead in this competitive market. As estimation shows more than 400 million internet users in India by June 2017 and the world having 4000 million users presently, we prepare your company for reaching out to the potential mass.

What is our work approach towards online marketing?
Fortunately, we have thought leaders at JSM Digital Marketing who constantly power us with essential information and valuable opinion. Along with our expertise in strategy making, we develop the most effective plan to meet our client’s objectives.

We don’t jump into any project just after receiving it. Just as you will associate with us after knowing about this agency, we shall also invest time in knowing you and your business. That’s because, unless we understand your company, requirements, products and services, target audience, etc.

Now here is our approach:
Strategic the online marketing plan
Generating a bigger idea for long term results
Creating the concept to meet the business objectives
Designing and development as major advancements in the project
Evaluate the performance and invest ideas in continuous growth

What to get from us?
Being one of the top digital agencies in India, we can efficiently turn complicated things simple. And that’s what we term as innovation. We love to interact directly with our client, discuss their projects and execute our best crafted marketing plan for value driven results. The team combines design, SEO, conversion rate optimization, communication, inbound marketing together–

To increase your sales
To increase brand visibility
To enhance exposure of your company
To scale up ranking in SERP
To offer quality service at affordable packages

JSM Digital Marketing will associate with you only when we think we can do the job and give you desired results. But once we are at work, be assured of highly satisfactory results.

Were we convincing enough? Then get in touch today. Let’s turn your imagination into reality; Yes! It’s possible for this digital marketing agency.

Director of Operations Canadian Division (Canada)

I am Omar Ead who is dabbling in the world of digital marketing since the beginning of 2006. Yes, I am associated with the IT industry for that long. Spending all these years as SEO leader made me an experienced and certified professional who can help one’s business to expand and reach the goals a business owner has set.

In the beginning, I was keen to understand digital marketing and just like every other salaried person, I dreamt of having a business of my own. From the very start of my working career, I realized that search engine optimization or SEO would be a massive thing in the coming years and decided to stick to it.

Hence, after a few years, I was handling clients of my own and started promoting their business. I was so busy with everything that I almost had no time for starting my own business. Finally, in 2016’s beginning, I joined JSM Digital Marketing as Director of Operations Canadian Division. Here I have full control to manage everything for Canadian audiences. My company is one stop solution to all your digital marketing problems. I’m handling all tasks of JSM Digital Marketing in Canada. If you want to grow your business online, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Omar Ead

Amrit Dubey

CEO India

I am Amrit Dubey and have been in the IT industry for over a decade. I started my working career after college as an SEO executive. This was the time of learning for me and to understand what the branding market is all about.

I came to understand the work and realized I could one day start my own business as it will be one of the most significant paths to work on in the future.

My early career
As aforementioned, I started working at the beginning of 2009 for an internet marketing company. I was there for two years till 2011. In this two years’ time, I made several contacts in the hope of starting my own business soon. During this time I also completed my MBA in marketing management to broaden my knowledge and expand my working attributes.

In this company, I faced a lot of difficult situations which made me experienced enough to handle my clients as a freelance SEO professional later. These two years of my life I learnt as much as I can and implemented these on practical work. In the mid of 2011, I decided to leave the company and start working as a freelancer. I knew the responsibility would be more, but it was an opportunity for making a substantial amount of money every month.

Freelancing life
I started working as a freelancer with a few clients which I acquired over the last two years. In the beginning, it was difficult as no one understood what I did and how it could help their business. However, towards the end of 2011, my career took a turn after getting a few huge orders from a few clients.

I provided a variety of services which included Branding, SEO, PPC, Link-Building, etc. My dedication and hard work paid off, and they saw the gains their businesses were making due to my efforts in digital marketing. I have never looked back since then, and my number of clients increased more over time. Until the year 2016, I did work as a freelance and promoted different businesses. However, it was time to create a brand name and hence, founded JSM Digital Marketing in 2016.

JSM Digital Marketing
It has always been my dream to be the owner of a company which dealt with digital marketing, and I became successful in reaching my goals. The company still offers the same services as I did when freelancing which are Branding, SEO, Link Building, Pay Per Click and PR Publications.

I am still working with my clients who hired my services back in 2011 along with many other new acquired clients over the years. With a decade of experience under my belt; JSM Digital Marketing now provides result driven services which no other company can match.


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