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JSM digital marketing is a Digital Marketing agency that provides SEO services in Canada and its localities. We specialize in all types of digital marketing solutions including search engine optimization (SEO), website designing and development, Google Adwords/pay per click (PPC), content marketing and social media marketing. Our work is based on Google, Yahoo and Bing algorithms complement.

What is SEO?
Search engine optimization refers to the tools and strategies used to expand the number of guests to a site by placing it in a high rank in the list of search results or a search engine result page known as SERP. Examples of these search engines are Yahoo, Bing, Google, Ask and so on. The factors that define SEO are UX, Keywords, meta tags, links, content scan ability, quality of content, Knowledge about topic, domain name, site loading speed, mobile optimized pages and more. ...

SEO specialists have a good understanding of search algorithm and how they function in relation to what people are searching for on the web. A SEO procedure may include the coding and structure of a website, SEO copywriting, SEO content writing, site presentation, in addition to resolving different site issues. In the event that your organization’s website is not indexed by search engines, it implies that your website will not get enough attention or increased visibility rankings on search engines. In this way, it is critical for organizations to observe SEO and ensure that their sites are reasonably listed via web search tools. SEO is important because it enables individuals to ascertain information, find pages, products and brands on the internet. It also generates more sales, traffic, reach and clicks on ads.

Insights have demonstrated that for a specific keyword searched on Google; the first link gets just about 42% of the aggregate clicks. This rate diminishes to 11% for the second link and further reduces to 8% for the third. The organic search result generates only an insignificant 4% for the fourth link. This is the way by which traffic changes as per your website placement and the first page is actually the favorite for virtually all website owners.

With JSM Digital Marketing, we guarantee that we will help you manage and optimize your website effectively. We guarantee you both quality and quantity traffic through our SEO services. If you need digital marketing agency in Canada that can offer a wide range of SEO services, you should consider reaching out to us. Search engine optimization service in Canada is at your fingertips; call us now to book an appointment with us.


There are two types of search engine optimization namely On-page and off-page optimization.


On-page optimization essentially designs and matches the operational components of a site with how search engine surveys a site, against a search inquiry. The more the site is upgraded in accordance with how a search engine selects and ranks sites, the better its odds of being noticeable and ranked higher in search results. Normally, on-page optimization incorporates URL Structure, Anchor text, Broken links, HTML Tags, Site performance, Keyword density, content and Internal Linking.


Off-Page SEO is a relatively new term in marketing. Off page SEO refers to procedures that can be employed to augment the rankings of a particular website in the search engine result page. Most people often correlate off-page SEO with the term "link building" but it is actually beyond that. As a rule, off Page SEO involves promotional schemes that SEO consultants use in giving a website a higher placement in search results.

In spite of the fact that the objective of off-page SEO is to improve the website of an organization, the techniques are interwoven with other methodologies intended to encourage great client relationships and guarantee workability. Off-page optimization includes brand mentions, social signals, image and video sharing, guest posting, links from niche websites and acquiring links via different-different methods. In our off-page optimization services, we make use of professional lead tracking, strategic creation of content and marketing.

With our work your website is totally safe as we follow the guidelines of search engines and we do not participate in link schemes. We believe to deliver long-term basis results.

These techniques and tools are what we apply in our approach to SEO optimization.


Organic search is a technique for entering one or numerous search terms as a distinct string of text into a web search tool or search engine. It is otherwise known as natural search.

Organic traffic is the principal channel that inbound marketing endeavors to grow. This traffic is characterized by visitors emanating from a search engine like Google. This excludes paid search ads, but this does not mean that natural traffic is not influenced by display ads or paid search either in the right or wrong way.

Generally, people have confidence in search engines because information is very easy to find when they are being consulted. Thus, it is quite easy to improve natural traffic as product/marketing campaign is being run. In organic search, search engines display the most important or most ranked results from its indexed web pages according to the keyword input by a searcher.


Local SEO is described as the process of enhancing the online presence of a local business in order to make it noticeable to prospective customers. This method is different from the conventional SEO in the sense that the conventional SEO is not targeted at a particular demography.

Five factors for local search are Google My Business Signals, Link Signals, Citation signals, On-page signals, and Review signals. Google My Business and Local Search Result normally show up on Google first page precisely at the front and the center. These listings mainly display businesses in the local area where the search is being done. Google My Business is highly valued in digital marketing because it is the only way by which any local business can grow to a large extent. Our Local SEO in Canada is efficiently equipped to boost your local business.


On-page or on-site factors have a lesser role to play in the overall ranking system of Google in comparison to off-page ranking factors which inherently integrates inbound links. The most impactful factors are Website design experience, structure of information, topics and keywords, quality and importance of content, SEO Title tags, scan ability, internal links, hierarchy of content, and structure of URL. Immediately these principal on-site SEO ranking factors have been appraised, augmented, and the outcomes measured, a blogger or website owner can concentrate on the minor SEO tones of each page in an effort to further strengthen their rankings.


Keyword research is an essential element for search engine optimization because it creates a blueprint for delineating and developing websites inclusively with content. Keywords are often fragmented and clustered according to the number of words contained in the query phrases. The familiarity with these definite search terms can help in update of content or marketing strategy as a whole.


Technical SEO comprises all the SEO operations which do not include link building and optimization of content. It simply fulfills some certain requirements of a search engine so as to enhance crawling. Technical SEO is currently in a state of continuous fine-tuning or modification because the requirements are being modified every now and then thereby making it a bit complicated in an effort to stay in tune with search engines.


The outlook of your website is very important. As much as a colorful and well-designed website is capable of attracting visitors, a properly structured and engaging content is a better factor that can make them subscribe to your services.

According to your needs, our SEO agency in Canada can help you to revamp your current web content or create a new one. We have a better understanding of how to boost businesses with the application of search engines. We offer copy writing and editing of your web content.


Penalties may be based on algorithm or manual system and they are initiated by unscrupulous or careless practices. Getting a penalty implies a negative influence on your business particularly if you are hoping to boost your business based on rankings.

Our digital marketing agency in Canada offers link and competitor evaluation, link removal outreach, link disavows, identification of risk flags, reconsideration request writing and more. Our SEO services Canada offers penalty recovery as an area of specialization and not as side attraction.


A good way to keep an eye on the SEO patterns and status of your website is to execute a website audit. An audit is a tool for locating and fixing website issues. These audits ensure that your sites are friendly and workable with search engines thereby boosting the site rankings.

We know that you desire increased leads and sales; therefore our SEO services Canada has put in place the necessary tools to drive targeted traffic to your website. SEO web audit is only possible with search engine optimization.

Our SEO services in Canada utilize unbeatable tools and software to analyze SEO. In contrast to most SEO companies, we provide an analysis of the commercial aspect of your business model that suits your organization. We create expert audits for your websites and other site owners have high hopes of featuring in the first page search results of Google or Bing.


Page speed is now a crucial factor in ranking because search engines, especially Google, continue to tweak their services in order to improve user experience. A website with low loading speed may reduce traffic and also places the site in an unfavorable list as it can be relegated in rankings.

Our SEO experts execute both desktop and mobile website speed analyses using a site audit tool to determine performance issues and the the reason for your reduced load times. We will eventually recommend some strategies to optimize the speed and these include refining elements of your web design, hosting provider, code, database or site content. The advantage of taking speed audits is to take necessary action, if the site has critical performance issues, by increasing the loading speed.


If your company’s website has obtained a new URL or modified the structure of its URL, you will likely need an Audit. If search engines such as Google or Bing cannot crawl or index your site, you need to engage the services of local SEO Canada.

Our SEO agency in Canada provides a professional site audit that entails both structural and inherent elements that is responsible for site visibility. Our SEO audit recommendations are highly proven to effective as many of our clients have attested to this.


Crawlability refers to the capacity of search engines to crawl through all the pages of your website, and ability to move to each webpage with a smooth flow (not running into errors or redirects).

Crawlability is a basic aspect of SEO, and if a search engine cannot crawl or index your website, you may have a hard time in ranking higher on SERP. A crawlability Audit is the current method used to assess and verify that the content of a website can be crawled and indexed by search engines.

Our digital marketing agency in Canada is capable to provide an efficient crawlability audit that can help you get back on track in the ranking list.


Link building is the process of managing links from other websites that refer search engines automatically to your website. Link building is important as an off-site SEO factor; hence, it is good to have a sound knowledge of it. However, it is also expedient to know the unprofessional practices involved in link building and the measures that Google has taken in getting rid of unmerited sites on the search results page.

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