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Statistics have shown that for a particular keyword searched on Google; the first link gets almost 42% of the total clicks. This rate reduces to 11% for the second link and further falls to 8% for the third in line. The fourth link in the organic search result receives a mere 4%. This is how traffic varies according to your website’s placement and the first page is where you will want to reside. With JSM Digital Marketing SEO services, we ensure just that.

What is Search Engine Optimization?
SEO can simply be defined as the process through which you can make your website gain ranking in the unpaid or organic search result. It is aimed to increase both the: ...

Quantity of traffic
Quality of traffic

While the first helps your site to ascend in SERP, the second will increase your conversion rate – both working together will help to increase your ROI. However simple the concept may sound, SEO involves multiple factors to be looked into and reaching the deepest of layers of each variable.

Factors defining SEO –
Target Keyword selection – local or global
Keyword Density
Domain name – keyword oriented or personalized
Meta texts – catchy or professional
Link building – in an optimum number
Content scan-ability
Content quality
Mobile optimized pages
Site loading speed

All these will determine your site’s bounce rate, an estimate that tells search engines how much time a visitor spends time on your site. The catch is, each variable again subdivides into more variables and the whole SEO process ultimately becomes a complicated network of technical processing. This is only, if it is not your niche and expertise.

Our SEO Company India has teams who have been working for 7 years now in this SEO domain and has already helped over 500 sites to rank. SEO is not about complex technicalities to us. Our way of optimizing your site is purely based on research and expertise that will help your business to escalate.

We look into every step
The keyword is the most important factor. We will tell you which exact keywords to target and where all to place them.
We then look into your domain name – the first thing a visitor will see. If not appropriate, we will suggest a necessary change.
We will then identify which of the stated factors you are lacking. We will add the missing ones and improve the existing.
Then, we will constantly take feedbacks and updates from Google Console and continuously update your page.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services are focused on one single goal – make your site rank. We follow all of the webmaster rules and never deviate under any circumstances. So, no matter when Google makes an update, your page will always retain its rank.

Why our SEO services India?
We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends.
We let our success rate speak for ourselves.
We maintain a strong line of communication open with our clients.

SEO is not a one-day research process. For the past few years, Google has brought about a host of changes in its crawling algorithm and other search engines have also followed similar lines. Our Professional SEO services team at JSM Digital Marketing boasts of members thorough with every single modification. We understand important SEO mechanisms and then apply it to your website adequately.

Be it quality backlinks or a wrong target keyword, be it content quality or mobile-friendly pages, we can detect every issue in no time and come up with the best of solutions. When you reach us for our SEO services, be sure of a fast and positive result with an exponential increase in quality traffic. Contact JSM Digital Marketing and declare your online presence successfully.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the best Web Services in the world

Value-driven results! Our solutions will bring you profitable returns, expanding your customer base and creating engagement. We make the best use of online power to create awareness and enhance visibility of your brand.

Every type! We work with every type of business from MNCs to startups and even local companies. No matter how big or small your business is, we design the most appropriate plan to meet the objectives and goal. We don’t have any specification on sectors; rather, are free to work with everyone.

Well, we prefer to accept long-term projects for social media, SEO services and others. Working with a long-term relationship helps us plan and execute a specific project systematically. We can also track the performance for better service.

However, we also accept short term projects as per client’s requirements.

Every client and every project are unique to us. As our experience says, different business has different requirements, and we always prefer to work accordingly. So, this is not possible for us to give you price estimation without knowing your business.

If you have a fixed budget, our team adjusts project duration, strategies and work volume accordingly.

See, the exact Google algorithms are always a secret. On top of that, they keep those changing from time to time. So, no one can ever guarantee results of digital marketing. But we can definitely assure you of an improved ranking, optimizing your website as per the current SEO trends. Our services will help your business create a positive impact on the market.

Yes! This company has been in this industry for quite some years now. Apart from that, our members have their individual work experiences. Regarding qualification, we are qualified in Google Adwords, Analytics and more.


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