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Over the past decade, marketing has changed in more ways than the previous 100 years combined.

Gone are the days of TV commercials and print adverts; consumers today are connected to the web upwards of 6 hours every day, which makes websites, online advertisements, social media platforms etc. the perfect place for seeking exposure.

It is impossible to ignore the facts of how effective digital marketing services actually are. Even if considering a handful of platforms, like social media setups, you will be able to communicate with over 1.5 billion users worldwide. This is the sole reason why it is paramount to seek internet marketing solutions in the modern day and age.

Your website is arguably the most important marketing asset you have in today’s day and age, and we will help you convert the leads into paying customers. Expect nothing but the best from our top-rated digital marketing consultants; we will offer you result-driven, creative solutions to boost your online presence.

We have a team of experts who are adept at handling all things digital. In fact, we are one of the few digital marketing agencies in India who specialise in all of the sectors associated with online marketing.


“List of Digital Marketing Services – "

  • Search Engine Optimisation:-

    A. Local SEO
    B. Technical SEO
    C. Wordpress SEO
    D. Small Business SEO
    E. Ecommerce SEO
    F. Mobile SEO
    G. SEO by Industry

  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Competitive Analysis
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Great User Experience Optimization
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
Why Invest in Digital Marketing?

Each penny you invest in digital marketing packages will give you a clear ROI, impacting your bottom line. No website can promote itself; what we do is provide constant care and that slight nudge so that your brand becomes visible to more people, and in turn, grows your business.

As a digital marketing services provider, we will offer you the best SEO strategies that will earn the vital points for improved ranking factor. It will encourage regular re-indexing and crawling of your website, telling the search engines how to position your brand amongst hundreds of other sites that market related products.

We will also help your website acquire more traffic, which means a higher potential for conversion. There is a reason why you see us in the top few results while searching ‘digital marketing agency near me’; SEO helps bring the right audience to the correct people, and we can do the same for your website as well.

JSM Digital Marketing Developments and Strategies:-

We are one of the best internet marketing services agency in Delhi, we follow a time-proven and efficient planning and development stage, capable of handling any type of customer requirement with ease.

1. Planning - We understand (and acknowledge) the emphasis an organisation puts on the need and development associated with a product. Instead of being overwhelmed by a sheer count of reach, we deliberately modulate the growth (and exposure)to give it a more approachable, organic look. This also helps create significantly better customer relation and demonstrate better post-buying experience.

2. Stages of planning - JSM Digital Marketing agency services follow a multilayer planning process. We acknowledge the various stages of planning, which allows us to complete the work efficiently and reach the overall goal in a better, more efficient manner.

2.1 Opportunity – Our experience as a digital marketing services company allows us to tackle any type of requirements with ease. We always follow a data-driven approach to review your requirements and effectiveness of current digital marketing campaign. It also allows us to customise the analytics according to every brand’s unique need, while prioritising the need to increase leads and sales by deploying digital marketing media and available technology.

2.2 Strategy – The strategy we follow to grow brand awareness and reach is unique for every organisation. We follow several established online marketing techniques to drive visits to your website; just like you can find us by simply searching ‘digital marketing agency near me’, your customers will be able to locate and identify your business by simply running an online search. We also encourage interaction on your website or social media to improve brand awareness and lead creation.

2.3 Action – By nurturing, converting, and targeting practical leads, we improve and optimise the rate of conversion amongst your audience, both for bulk and independent buyers. We also prioritise identifying the sales channels that are most important to you; it helps us curate a better plan to seek the overall improvement of the brand exposure.

All these are done efficiently within a very reasonable digital marketing services pricing and campaign time. We promise you quantifiable results and a significant boost in your brand’s overall conversion rate and reach in no time.

3. Standing Out from the Crowd - Unlike our peers, we at JSM Digital Marketing put extra emphasis on understanding and readying an effective campaign that helps your company stay ahead of your competition. We put extra effort to identify your customers and provide tailored digital marketing solutions that cater to the business.

We invest heavily in creating the necessary skillset; you will find a team of innovative professionals with extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation, clear understanding of the latest trends, and capable of successfully tackling any problems.

Our multi-storied approach helps us seek a faster and accurate solution for all types of businesses. Extra emphasis is given on understanding the needs of our clients and communicating the planning through and through, which makes us one of the best internet marketing agency in Delhi today.

100% transparent approach helps us co-create unique campaign objectives. You are guaranteed to stay updated about the entire project; we will also monitor the progress constantly, building a long-term, effective relationship with our clientele.

JSM Digital Marketing has a lot more to offer. Contact us today to talk with our experts and learn about the best digital marketing services pricing. Experience the difference of staying one step ahead of your competition at all times. In our digital marketing company website, all work based as per search guidelines. Be believed to work for a great user experience and long term results.

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Our Digital Marketing Services in India

Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization Services are focused on one single goal – make your site rank. We follow all of the web master rules and never deviate under any circumstances.

Pay Per Click

At JSM Digital Marketing, our Pay Per Click services helps you with PCC management efficiently and give your business that necessary boost.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing Services in India is very much trending to promote business. If one has to say about it in one sentence


Content Marketing

Here, in JSM Digital Marketing, we ensure the best compatible blend of research + information + creative content for readers.

Website Design

Through our Web Design Services, we promise to take care of the look factor of your website and create that much needed first impression.

Website Development

Our Web Development team is highly talented and our experts can do coding both server-side and client-side coding. The end product that we deliver is free from technical glitches and bugs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the best Web Services in the world

Digital marketing comprises all efforts of marketing a product, services, brand, etc. by utilizing the internet and electronic devices like computers, smartphones, and more. Using digital channels like social media platforms, search engines, webpages, and email; businesses opt for connecting with potential and existing customers.

However, this definition is just “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to digital marketing. It should be clearer to you once you learn about digital marketing types.

There are different types of primary digital marketing approach which every business tends to employ. Have a look at these below in detail to understand all of these methods’ role and more.

1. Search Engine Optimization or SEO - It is the primary technique employed to make a business successful through digital marketing. It is a way through which a website is optimized for ranking higher on SERP (search engine results pages). Ranking higher on SERP will aid in increasing organic traffic that a website acquires. SEO helps blogs, web pages, infographics, etc. to benefit from it. Common SEO approaches include:

A. On-page SEO: In this, content available "on a webpage" is what SEO focuses on. Through keyword search volume, one can solve questions posed by readers to rank higher on SERP.

B. Off-page SEO: This is where professionals focus on optimizing websites through activities that take place "off-page". Here, chiefly backlinks (inbound links) are checked along with publishers’ authority and more, to ensure ranking adequately for keywords related to one’s business.

2. Social Media Marketing - Without an active social presence, it is hard for a business to survive nowadays. Hence, through this marketing strategy, a brand or individual can increase traffic, create brand awareness, generate leads, and more. Social media platforms that are used for marketing involves Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc. are just a few of the names.

Using certain tools will help in maintain these social channels simultaneously as well as monitor each platform’s analytics.

3. Content Marketing - It simply refers to promotion and creation of different types of content that lead to traffic growth, brand awareness, lead generation, and increasing clientele. Strategy for content marketing involves different methods such as:

A.Blogs and Articles - Blogs and articles associated with a brand, product, or services are written for publishing purposes. It assists in signifying a particular brands' expertise in a field and acquire a massive amount of organic traffic. Moreover, it offers the sales team of an organization a chance to convert potential leads to repeat customers.

B.Whitepapers and E-Books - Whitepapers, e-books, and other similar content form aids in educating website traffic more. It permits an individual or company to get contact information of readers in exchange for reading content. It helps in generating leads and improves customers’ buying process.

C.Infographics - Reading always is not helpful as many visitors would like to see instead of reading a lot. This is a visual content form that aids traffic to understand the concept through visualization.

Content marketing is one of the primary approaches which every digital marketing professional opt for, to accumulate better results.

4. PPC or Pay per Click- This is a paying approach to digital marketing. In this form, an individual or company would have to pay its publisher a certain amount when its advertisement is clicked on by visitors. Google Ads is a PPC type that most people are aware of nowadays. Payment when clicked by traffic, allows one to sit at the top spot on SERP. Other places where PPC ads work are:

A.LinkedIn Sponsored Messages - People can pay for sending direct messages to a particular LinkedIn user depending on background and industry.

B.Facebook Ads- Apart from Google Ads, Facebook ads are the next in popularity for the PPC approach. Here, paying a specific amount will help one to have a customized image post, video, slideshow, etc. which Facebook publishes to people's newsfeed that would match the targeted audience of a business.

C.Twitter Ads- Ad campaigns on Twitter allow users who pay for placing profile badges, posts, and more that will appear on newsfeed of a targeted audience. The objective of this is to increase twitter followers along with increasing website traffic and more engagement from an audience group on tweets.

Apart from SEO, content, and social media marketing, PPC is the next method that is used for digital marketing to reach maximum success.

5. Email Marketing - This is a method of communicating with a targeted audience of an organization. Emails are utilized for promoting events, discounts, content, or simply letting people know about a business website.

Types of emails that companies can send during such a campaign consist of welcoming emails for new customers, newsletter subscription, customer nurturing, etc. Also, emails can be sent for events and discounts like holiday promotions, loyalty programs, and following up customers.

6. Native Advertising - Native advertising means ad campaigns that are featured on an advertising platform along with a non-paid form of content. An excellent example of this is Buzzfeed; however, social media platform examples can also be used like Instagram or Facebook advertising.

7. Online PR - This practice refers to online coverage with several content-based sites such as blogs, digital publications, etc. It is similar to traditional PR; however, it takes place online. To maximize efforts organizations often choose:

A.Engaging on company’s online review - Irrespective of review types; be it a bad or a good one,online PR professionals would engage in such reviews that aids in delivering powerful messages and humanize a brand that helps in protecting online reputation.

B.Journalist outreach approach - This takes place through social media platforms such as talking to a reporter on Twitter. It helps in developing a relationship with media houses for earning various opportunities.

C.Engaging with people on blog and website - This is kind of similar to how one would engage for online reviews. Here, one responds to comments made on a personal blog or website for generating a productive conversation that would help a business in its niche industry.

8. Marketing Automation - This simply refers to software that serves in automating all primary marketing operations for a business. Through this approach, one can automate several repetitive tasks that one would require doing manually. It consists of work as social media posting at a regular schedule, an email newsletter for subscribers, workflow which aids in nurturing leads, creating marketing campaigns, tracking, and reporting it.

9. Affiliate Marketing - This is a performance-based campaign where an individual receives a commission by simply promoting commodities or services of some company on one's website. One can use partner programs or affiliate links for this. When people use these links to purchase a service or product, the affiliate marketer earns a commission.

10. Sponsored Content - Sponsored content is simply a brand that is paying another entity or organization to promote content that would discuss the payee brand's services, products, etc. Influencer marketing is one of the most popular sponsored content types. An organization or brand hires influencers to publish posts or videos on social media platforms, which would offer an insight into the brand.

Apart from it, people can also opt for written sponsored content like an article or blog post that is created for highlighting a brand, service, product, or topic.

11. Inbound Marketing - This marketing strategy refers to an approach where a brand attracts, delights, and engages its targeted audience and existing customers through their buying journey. One can use digital marketing strategy aforementioned for creating an outstanding customer experience which would help in retaining them for a longer period.

Now you know about the different digital marketing approaches. However, there are still a lot of questions might lurk around in your mind. Hence, some standard questions and doubts are answered below.

Though a company or brand can opt for many different digital content kinds, it is solely based on an organization's audience and their journey as a buyer. The first step is to create customer personas for determining targeted audiences challenges and goals that are associated with one's business. Chiefly, one should aim at creating content that would aid in meeting these objectives as well as overcoming challenges faced by clients.

This next part includes knowing when is the correct time to offer that content for customers to consume it concerning the buying stage one is in. This is popularly known as content mapping, where the goal is to create content by targeting a person's characteristics who will consume it. Secondly, how close a person is to buy a product or service.

Now if you are wondering about your content format, then there are several aspects which you try. Some standard options for each stage of a client's purchasing journey are:

A. Awareness Stage - To make people aware of a brand or more, blog posts can be used for increasing organic traffic. With keyword strategy and remarkable SEO techniques, one can accumulate quite a massive amount of organic traffic.

Secondly, infographics can be used for offering content that is shareable that increases the chance of being viral in social media platforms.

Thirdly, creating short videos is an excellent idea as these are quite informative and its sharing aspect helps a brand reach out to a new group of audiences by uploading the content on different platforms such as YouTube.

All the steps mentioned above are ideal for a brand that is trying to create awareness aboutitself or a product or service it offers.

B. Consideration Stage - Here, one can use e-books, whitepaper, etc. which is an ideal way of generating leads as these are more comprehensive when compared with infographics or blogposts. Also, here people are likely to engage and exchange contact information to gather details.

Webinars are also detailed and interactive video format content which is substantially effective in this stage. These also work better than blog posts and short videos as it offers details which are more complete.

Lastly, when clients are in this stage, research reports come in handy as it offers an in-depth insight into lead generation. This is quite handy as it can be also used during awareness level; however, these are frequently used by industry press or media organizations.

C. Decision Stage - This is a stage where a client finally decides whether he/she will opt for a product or services. Here, using case study content on a website will create a positive effect on people's minds who are making a final purchasing decision. This positive influence is the last right nudge sometimes customers need to finally buy a product.

Another standard option to help make up customers’ minds is offering testimonials. If case studies don't work for any business, short testimonials will do. This helps people to understand the experience of previous customers and aid them to proceed with their purchase. For example, if a company sells clothes, testimonials consist of images of customers wearing a product, which helps massively.
Like every other aspect of a business, the budget for digital marketing will completely depend on what services and strategies one is looking to choose for promoting a brand.

For example, if a company is seeking inbound techniques such as content creation, social media postings, SEO, etc. for an already existing website, then one wouldn’t require a colossal budget for it.

All these inbound marketing aspects' primary focus is on creation of top quality content which a business' clientele and the targeted audience will consume. Unless a firm outsources this work, time is the only price one will need paying. Also, one can start hosting websites as well as creating content using different tools. People who work with a tight budget can simply start using WordPress and also utilizing simple themes.

Employing outbound techniques that consist of buying an email list, online advertising, etc. of course, some expense is involved. Its cost depends on visibility one wants from the advertising.

For instance, a company can implement PPC options like Google AdWords; a firm will be competing with other firms in the business sector for getting the top spot of SERP for a few particular keywords related to one’s business.

The expense completely depends on certain keywords' competitiveness; this can be extremely expensive or quite reasonable. This is why organizations focus on building an organic traffic reach and not just a paying aspect.

In short, yes digital marketing will be helpful for all companies in every business sector. Irrespective, of what a firm sells, this marketing will assist in building buyer personas for identifying needs of audiences as well as help in creating worthwhile online content. Though it is applicable for every business type, different types of businesses will require following different strategies that will help their business.

1. B2C (Business to customers) - For brands that fall under the B2C category, based on products' price point, the objective of digital marketing would be to acquire as much traffic as possible to the website and converting these potential leads to customers, without any interaction involved between them and sales personnel.

Hence, in this, brands will be less focused on lead generation in a traditional sense. Their chief focus would be to build a quick buying journey for a client; it means from the timean individual visits a brand’s official website page to the moment of their purchasing. It means that a company's items will be featured higher up in content marketing funnel than it will be in a B2B business firm. Besides, stronger CTA (call to action) tones requires being present.

Note: B2C companies should use social media options like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. as these are more valuable than platforms like LinkedIn, which is business-oriented.

2. B2B (Business to Business) - For B2B organizations, digital marketing largelyfocus on generating lead online. The result is to get clients who would want to speak to someone from the sales department. Hence, here marketing strategy would involve attracting as well as converting top-notch quality lead for sales professionals of an organization through digital channels and official websites.

Firms in this category primarily focus on business channels such as LinkedIn as it is a place where one’s targeted demographic spends time online.

Mobile marketing is digital marketing one of the key element. According to statistics, more people are use smartphones these days than a desktop, tablet, etc. More than 80% of the time people consume online content through their smartphones.

Hence, optimizing digital advertisements, social media postings, web pages, and more for smartphones is a crucial task to achieve the best results. Moreover, companies that have mobile apps for their brand so that users can engage easily also fall under this marketing category.

What one should keep in mind is that people who use mobile devices for engaging with a business should have the same pleasant experience as the ones who use a desktop or laptop to do so. Thus, it means one has to implement a responsive website design; this will make browsing a web page and navigate throughout a website user-friendly.

Furthermore, it might mean that a firm will need to reduce lead generating form’s length to ensure less hassle for people downloading content while traveling or so. For social media postings, images used should be created keeping in mind about mobile users of a business. Image dimensions will be smaller on phones, which means texts or part for a picture might get cut-off. So, one should create accordingly!

Numerous ways are available for people to optimize their digital marketing content to accommodate mobile users. In addition, when implementing such strategies, it is significant for an individual to consider the experience when translated ona phone or tablet. Keeping this in mind, you will be able to create an experience that is ultimate for your targeted audience and acquire results, which you aimed for.

Digital marketing offers results quicker than any traditional form of marketing nowadays. Since return on investment can be measured easily, one can see outcomes faster than offline marketing approach. Though, the result and more, completely depend on factors like marketing strategies’ effectiveness and scale of implementing it.

If a brand takes the time to build a broad buyer person for identifying targeted audience’s requirements and also create top-notch online content, then it will be easier to acquire organic traffic and easily convert them. This will help in getting adequate outcome one desired, within the first few months.

For quicker results, organizations often choose paid advertising procedures. Though it will aid in getting results quickly, one should work on to build organic traffic through SEO, social media platform, etc. to enjoy sustainable and long-term success.

Traditional marketing involves printing ads, physical marketing, phone communication, etc. Digital marketing is something that takes place online or electronically. Therefore, endless possibilities are involved, for an organization, when it comes to digital marketing such as videos, social media, email, and other opportunities.

In today’s competitive world, digital marketing is essential for any business that wants to survive and create brand awareness. Every business nowadays owns a website or at least has some kind of online presence through social media. Online marketing and content have become a common aspect to the extent that every targeted audience relies upon and expects to learn about a brand from it.

To survive and stay ahead of the competition, one will require embracing digital marketing aspects in this fast-paced and modern world.

With ample strategies and options, one requires being creative when it comes to digital marketing. Also, experimenting with different tactics within a budget will open up many doors. Moreover, using tools such as analytics and more will assist in monitoring campaigns' ROI along with its success; this is something where digital marketing in today’s world offers more to a business that traditional marketing options like printed ads, billboards, hoardings, etc. can.

Now, that you are aware of what is digital marketing along with its types, how it might help a business, and more; the question which remains largely for answering now is what work do digital marketers perform.

A digital marketer is a person who ensures increasing brand awareness as well as generates lead through several digital channels; these can be either paid or free depending on what an organization chooses. These channels consist of an official website of a brand, social media pages, emails, rankings on search engines, company blog, display advertising, etc.

Digital marketers always focus on KPI (key performance indicator) of every channel he/she uses. It helps them to measure a firm’s performance in every approach. Moreover, people who are in charge of SEO handle organic traffic creation of a website.

Digital marketing offers various marketing roles which people need to carry out in this modern world. In small to medium scale companies, one professional might work as a generalist to handle several aforementioned digital marketing strategies. However, large scale organizations might employ multiple specialists who handle different digital channels instead of a generalist. Some specialists include:

1. SEO Professionals - These people’s primary task is to help a business rank high on search engine results pages. Using sufficient approaches for search engine optimization, one can work with numerous content creators directly for producing content that would rank well on search engines. Also, another focus of their work is to ensure acquiring organic traffic in the best way possible.

2. Social Media Coordinator - The chief task of these specialists is to ensure a brand's number of followers increases, along with post sharing and other forms of engagement. Also, it can be easily understood that their niche is to handle social media accounts of a company on different platforms for maximum engagement. Also, their tasks involve posting texts, images, videos, etc. at a scheduled period to offer insight into a company. Moreover, these specialists might work with content marketing professionals for developing plans about what to post, when to post, where to post, etc.

3. Content Marketing Personnel - When people talk about digital content makers, they are simply referring to content marketing experts. These people deal with tracking an organization’s blogging dates, come up with content plans which might include videos, and executing them. These experts work with different department employees to ensure that campaigns and a brand’s products or services when launching have ample promotional content ready for different digital channels.

These are the people who are responsible for noting subscriber count, checking blog traffic, time spent on a page by traffic, etc.

4. Marketing Automation Manager - These experts are responsible for selecting and managing software which permits the entire marketing team to get an insight into customers' behavior and pattern that would aid in a company's growth. They ensure keeping track of things like rate of emails opened, conversion rate, lead generation, CTR campaign, etc.

This online marketing aspect can be defined by several digital tactics as well as channels for connecting with clients where they are known for spend most of the time, which is online. From an organization’s online branding to its official websites – email marketing, digital advertising, and more, a cornucopia of strategies is available that falls under this category “Digital Marketing”.

Moreover, an ideal digital marketer will have a clear insight into how to make online campaigns that would help in achieving set objectives. Also, depending on marketing strategies’ goals, a marketer would support larger operations through paid as well as free channels that are available for usage.

For instance, content marketers can create several blog post series, which would aid in generating leads from a newly created e-book business. Here, the social media manager of the firm can promote such blog posts, through organic and paid posts through social media profiles of the organization. Also, the email marketer simply can send company information to people who downloaded this e-book.

These are the things, which you should know when opting for digital marketing strategies. Hopefully, this aids in understanding this field briefly that will enable you to choose the correct ways of implementing digital marketing strategies and hire the correct people for the job!


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