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At JSM digital marketing, we offer the best SEO consultancy and management services. Ottawa is one of our major locations in Canada.We major in all types of digital marketing solutions such as search engine optimization (SEO), website designing and development, Google Adwords/pay per click (PPC), content marketing and social media marketing.

JSM digital marketing plans and implementsviable and attractive internet marketing promotions that augments the reliability of a business brand, gains more appointment from customers, and converts visitors to prospective buyers. Our team incorporates skillset in digital marketing with ingenious approaches to public relations. At JSM digital marketing, we apply our distinctive skills to help clients establish and develop their businesses in this extremely competitive internationalmarket.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a systematic procedure aimed at giving a website a high placement in search engine result page, above competitor’s site within the same niche or industry. SEO, as it is often called, is the most economical method of making a site visible to visitors worldwide. A startup business or small business owner must take SEO seriously because it is the surest way by which the owner can get a return of investment. ...

Today, there are a lot of media channels and platforms by which goods and services are advertised to the general public but not everyone can afford to adopt this method. These methods often come with heavy budgets and it must be done consistently. In order to relieve business owners of the stress involved in this marketing strategy, search engine optimization was introduced. It is easy to implement and affordable. The most amazing thing about this process is that you can do it on your own. However, a professional SEO company is needed because non-SEO experts lack the knowledge of SEO and technical terms involved. Even if they do, they don’t know the various algorithms of search engines and how to use them in ranking of websites.

Our Ottawa SEO consultants are committed to providing solution to your marketing problems by submitting a complete audit which will also help in sustaining research marketing and schematic restructuring of website. We effortlessly assist you in performance design, revenue increment, and conversion targets without compromising on the organization and value of web content. We help our clients to build a sustainable online presence that will enable them to identify the needs of the audience and interact with them in order to produce the desired results. Helping you to achieve your long-term business goals is our main focus.

Types of SEO? Search engine optimization is broadly categorized as on-page and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO
On Page SEO can be described as all the activities carried out within web pages of a site so as to make it compatible for search engines. These activities include title tags, description, updated content, keyword density, internal links, uniform resource locator or URL, and images. When comparing On-page and Off-page SEO, it is better to consider the relevance of On-page factors in building a unique quality website based on content and technicality that may attract visitors initially. However, the importance of Off-page SEO cannot be overruled because they work collaboratively.

Off-page SEO
Off-page SEO refers to the techniques that can be executed beyond the frontiers of a website. They include link building, social media marketing, social bookmarking, web content promotion and so on. This technique is not just obtaining backlinks from other websites but it actually goes beyond this. The primary aim is to increase the site’s placement in SERPs. These techniques and tools are what we apply in our approach to SEO optimization.

Organic Search
Organic search is intensely executed in recent times because many businesses aim at enhancing their status on result pages of search engines. Hence, they perform some marketing strategies like SEO campaigns. The links to natural results that is listed for a query on any search engine are ordered based on the signals that SEO companies, such as Ottawa SEO, use to evaluate the value of a website to the user. Some organic ranking factors includes search engines’ quality algorithms, visitors’ search history, visitors’ preferred websites, visitors’ locations and content recommendations from social contacts of searchers.

Local SEO Factors
Local SEO is an exceptionallyactivesystem of local virtual marketing. It allows you to publicize your business to your indigenous customers whenever they need it. Local SEO is applicable in Google business directories and yellow pages. Numerous business owners, who are also internet users, check these directories to inquire local businesses in their region.

Five factors for local search are Google My Business Signals, Link Signals, Citation signals, On-page signals, and Review signals.With local SEO, not only is your website displayed for the applicable query, but helps you skyrocket your organic leads, which eventually increase your sales figures. Our Local SEO Ottawa is practicallyfurnished to help your local business stand out of the pack. We help you to localize your website, build citations, position your site on Google My Business, get important and naturally generated backlinks, and also manage your ratings and product/service reviews.

On-page Factors
On-page factors include quality of the website, site speed, unbroken links, coding, keywords in title/metatags/description, and dependable webhost. Executing an accurate on-page SEO is as important as building quality backlinks to your site. These processes are very essential in impressive search engines optimization of any website. You would not be able to benefit completely from search engine optimization if the on-page SEO is incongruously implemented.

SEO Ottawa will help you execute a suitable SEO optimization that will assist in marketing your services digitally and eventually increase the productivity and overall success of your website.

Off-Page Factors
Off-page SEO is primarily associated with the traffic levels of a site domain. Mostly, off-page factors are the number of links from authoritative webpages, the thematic relevance of referenced sites, the variety of backlink texts, site strength on social networks, domain name, the number of unique domains that link to the site.

Keyword Research
Keyword research is a crucial section of SEO processes. It enables you to decipher relevant topics and track search traffic in order to note down the familiarity and usage of certain phrases. At Ottawa SEO services, we help our esteemed clients by utilizing the best keyword tools to enable search engines identify their websites easily based on a particular demography and intended market populace. One of the most significant roles of SEO processes is the networking of business brands, clients, and industries. Many businesses do create awareness about their business terrain; however, search engine optimization gives an actual presentation of a site’s relevance and the level of awareness in a particular industry.

Content Creation
Our universal approach to leveraging content successfully amplifies your brand in the market or even improves your SEO (SEO) outcomes. Professional writers create unique content – including articles, blogs, discussions, and media reports under your brand and editors also source additional content mainly to your target audience. Aside from these efforts, we correlate content in your marketing goals and ensure relevance and attraction in your readers. Our Ottawa SEOConsultant also enables you to determine the frequency of interaction primarily based on your brand and finances. According to your preferences, our Ottawa SEO Expert can revamp your existing web contentor help you to design a unique content. We have a sound knowledge of how to fosterbusinesses with the application of search engines.

Technical SEO
Technical SEO refers to the method of augmenting your website for the crawling and classification phase. With technical SEO, you will be able to facilitate how search engines access, crawl, deduce and index your web site with no issues. The most suitable time to implement technical SEO is during the structural development of a website. A properly configured technical SEO is the prerequisite for effective SEO.

Penalty Analysis
The aim of a search engine is to spontaneously generate the most up-to-date and important content for a user’s search. Penalty is usually imposed on any user who tries to use suspicious schemes to augment a site ranking on SERPs. Our SEO penalty analysis and recovery services provides client with the necessary information such as the source of the penalty, result of the penalty on traffic and rankings. The SEO penalty audit reports issues relating to Google Panda and Penguin update and offersguidelines on how to resolve these problems. Our Ottawa SEO Consultant provides a complete penalty recovery and cleap-up service.

SEO Website Audits An SEO audit is a process for appraising the responsiveness of a website to search engines in a number of areas. We give a comprehensive description of the present status of your website which includes a thorough breakdown of the site’s performance in social media, link building, and outcome of searches. We also provide a to-do list based on the SEO audit, with description for each itemized action point in the list, and a report with exclusive promotional activities for digital marketing.

Website Speed Audits It is imperative for you to check your website speed because it has a positive or negative influence on the users. A slow web page may reduce site visits while a fast web page increases daily visits. There are many factors that may cause a site to load slowly. Our Ottawa SEO Expertsperform both desktop and mobile website speed investigation using a site audit instrument to regulate performance problems and the cause of your reduced load periods.

New Site Audits
If your company’s website has developed a new URL or restructured its URL, you will most likely need a site audit. If search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing are incapable of crawling or indexing your site, you need to sign up for the services of local SEO Ottawa. Our SEO Ottawa examines your website, searches for any potential issues that could be harmful or tweaked without difficulty. We include an assessment of your Google analytics report and Google Search Console.

Crawlability Audit
Crawlability refers to the ability of search engines to crawl over the full content of your website, and navigate to each page without bumping into errors or redirects.our tools will crawl your site in a bid to ascertain any problem such as 302 temporary redirects, 404 errors and so on. We will also help you to expose any copied content, errors in on-page setting, server redirects, search for a site map and identify pages obstructed by robots.txt. We display any external links so that the pages can be rectified accordingly.

Why choose us?
At JSM Digital Marketing, we pledge that we will help you drive quality and significant traffic to your landing page by optimizing your website excellently. If you need a digital marketingcompany in Canada that can offer an extensive range of SEO services, you should consult our SEO specialists. Our SEOservicesOttawa is here to save you the stress and help you manage your website; call us now to book an appointment with us.


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