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Top 8 Content Ideas For Websites To Excite Your Visitors

Posted By > Amrit Dubey > 29 June 2018

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Amrit Dubey, JSM Digital Marketing

What do you think should contents be like?Short and crispparagraphs?Well, of course, these are important points but writing in paragraph style is not the only form of framing contents. To make it interesting and not monotonous for readers, there are some really amazing content ideas for websites or blogs that will win your reader’s heart.

Want to know? Here you go!

8 Amazing content ideas for websites

You can frame the contents differently considering both – theme and format.

  1. Answer the ‘why?’

People are curious. You can write ‘why’ contents giving an explanation to the specific topic you are writing about. There can be a lot of perspectives of using why. To give you a few examples –

  1. Why is a strategy best?
  2. Why is a product or service best?
  3. Why should one opt for something?
  4. Why has a company taken such decision?

And more such stuff like that. These are quite interesting to read.

  1. Analyzing ‘red flags’

Users are equally interested in knowing the mistakes and what not to do. For instance – write about the mistake analysis strategies a company has applied to solve a crisis. Or write about things to avoid. These content ideas for websites serve as good tutorials as well.

  1. Try some images

Photographs speak more than words, so why not use them in your content? At times, you can just use the image along with a caption. This is one of the great content marketing ideas. Make sure the photographs are relevant to your brand and reflect your objective. Those should be of higher quality.

  1. Graphical representation

If not photographs, go for graphical representations. Info graphics,charts and graphs help the readers in better visualization of a particular fact or data. With a proper format, readers will be more interested in sharing those.

  1. Bust the myths

Misconceptions, incorrect assumptions, myths – all these are part and parcel of every industry.And writing about those can always excite readers to know more. However, for this, you need to do proper research, keep track on the market and competitors to find out the odds. Remember, readers are well-informed and hence, love authenticity.

  1. Seasonal themes

Writing contents based onaseasonal theme can drag more audience to your website. For example – you can write relevant content on latest trends for Halloween nights. The idea is to post – right content at the right time. These content marketing ideas have always worked well with readers.

  1. Help with checklists

As doing things in an organized approach is something that people consider today, you can help them with checklists. Here are some examples –

  1. If yours is an event management company, tell readers what to check for an event.
  2. For SEO companies, give them a list of tricks to reduce bounce rates.
  3. For a travel agency, give a checklist of things to pack for a trip or factors to check.

Instead of reading chunks of paragraphs, users will always find these more interesting.

  1. Instruct with ‘how ‘

This is something that most users search – how to prepare an effective marketing strategy, how to choose the right gift for mother, how to choose the right professionals and so on. Hence, you can go for this as well.

Try out these content marketing ideas and increase the conversion rate of your website. The best is to hire a content marketing firm who will come up with more such exciting ideas for you.


Amrit Dubey is the founder of the digital marketing company JSM Digital Marketing based in Delhi, India. He’s been working in digital marketing since 2009, focusing primarily on SEO. You can find him on Twitter.

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