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Forget Buying: Earn Links Through Content Marketing | Expert Reveal At Smx West 2015

Posted By > Amrit Dubey > 29 June 2018

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Amrit Dubey, JSM Digital Marketing

Forget Buying: Earn Links Through Content Marketing| Expert Reveal at Smx West 2015   

Well, SEO does matter! Search engines are responsible for driving above 1/3rd of the overall traffic easily on an average site. This is why, even if there is a spat with Google, you need to recover the penalty at the earliest in whichever way possible. To do well in SEO, you need to focus more on high-quality link building: earning links rather than building links(manipulating or buying) through content marketing.

With constant updates of Google Penguin where manual links are being penalized, earning links with contents is more in vogue.High quality link buildinghas always been an evergreen strategy in driving more traffic to a particular site.

The effectiveness of this tactic was discussed at SMX West 2015 by 3 professionals who successfully brought high-quality links to websites. It resulted in drastic improvement of the search engine power of those sites. All three of them are experts at content marketing and promotion.

Hence, this is understood that content plays a big role in driving quality traffic. Now, the question is –

How are you going to develop such contents?

The answer has been precisely given by one of the experts,Kevin Mullet. Mullet is the Director of Visibility and Social Media (Market Snare). Here’s deciphering what he said.

Not just creative writing, blogging or articles, but Search Engine Optimization also has a good role to play in content marketing. Again, besides these blog posts, there are other types of contents as well disguised in the form of – reviews, how-to’s, memes, info graphics, white papers, podcasts, lists, stories, eBooks and more.

You must ensure to post your contents on the right places apart from blogs like –

  1. News pages
  2. Few specific landing pages
  3. Off-sites
  4. Event pages
  5. Pages dedicated to marketing, etc.

These have two purposes –

  1. Your audience:To create useful contents for your audience that they love to share and get convinced to buy a product or service.
  2. Search bots:They ensure that your website is active and feeding users with relevant contents.

So, it is importantto satisfy both of them in order to earn more links (quality link building)and traffic, avoiding chances of any penalty by Google Penguin.

Another expert, David Christopher of BigWing Interactive stated that constant failure and penalty by Google Penguin demotivated his employees. It’s then that they started focusing on contents more that brought successful outcome today. According to him, you have to keep 2 things in mind:

  1. Goal of your content
  2. Strategy of promotions

The idea as he stated is pretty simple. Nobody is going to link to your website. It’s you who have to create link worthy contents to get noticed.

Being relevant to your audience for effective content marketing:

Certain factors are there to ensure your content is relevant and useful for the right set of audience you have.

  1. Try to humanize your message and engage with the emotional sentiments of the audience.
  2. Encourage others to participate in the conversation.
  3. Make sure to support your data with facts and information.
  4. Your content gets more back links if it has answers to FAQs (frequently asked questions) on your page. Try to address readers’ problems.

Besides all these, it is important to give the right content at the right time (campaigns, holidays, seasons, events, buying cycle, trends, etc.). The purpose is to draw people’s attention and ensure quality link building.

Google loves you when your people love you.

This idea was best elaborated by PurnaVirji of Petplan Pet Insurance (the 3rd expert).

During their campaign regarding pet deaths, they needed signature of 100,000 people so that the petition is accepted by White House. They came up with a landing page and were able to reach millions of people. As a result, more high quality links were generated.

For this massive campaigning, guess what types of contents were used?

  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Pin-able contents
  • Social Media assets
  • Video
  • PRs
  • Paid social ads
  • More landing pages

Not just traffic, but to draw relevant traffic, you need to understand your audience and customize the contents accordingly. This is how transforming from the mechanical process of link building to content marketing can help in earning more superior quality back links. Are you following this strategy? Contact a reliable digital marketing company today.


Amrit Dubey is the founder of the digital marketing company JSM Digital Marketing based in Delhi, India. He’s been working in digital marketing since 2009, focusing primarily on SEO. You can find him on Twitter.

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