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Apply Best Strategies Of Smo For Ranking And Visibility Of Your Brand

Posted By > Amrit Dubey > 29 June 2018

Disclosure: "This article is personal opinion of research based on my experience of almost 11 years. There is no third party advertising on this page or monetised links of any sort. External links to third party site are moderated by me."
Amrit Dubey, JSM Digital Marketing

With social media having growing importance in every sector, it is playing a major role in making a website search engine friendly today. Experts are using social media for SEO of your company’s website among potential audience. It’s all about spreading your brand name through interactive communities.

Bring down the negatives and let the positives rank up:

Guess what’s the worst part of your website to bring it down? Negative reviews! You are already aware how people can freely write their comments on the internet;leading to the rise of negative reviews online. Not to mention, these negative comments on a particular brand rank higher in search engine results, enough to create a bad impression about your brand.

However, your websites and social media assets can bring all those down, ruling the first page of SERP.The recent announcement of inserting Tweets into the search results by Google has given more focus on using SMO for ranking and visibility. Make sure your brand has good control on various social media profiles.

[Note – It is equally important to ensure you provide quality service and products to your customers to get positive comments.]

Optimize your social media profiles: Tips and guides  

Now; do you think just having profiles on different platforms will take you higher on Google’s list? No! That again has to be optimized. Here are some tips and guidelines for you on – how to do social media optimization or SMO.

  1. Branding your company:Do proper branding of your company.
  1. In Twitter, all the color and images you add (header, profile, background) should be about your company and brand. Don’t use irrelevant things. Maintain the theme.
  2. Again, for Pinterest, giving a logo is best as your profile picture because this platform does not allow you to use large So, whatever you use should be clearly visible.
  3. In Facebook, besides the profile and cover picture, upload other relevant images as well in albums. People are more interested in photographs than texts.

Follow the rules accordingly for other platforms as well.

  1. Make sure you are active in the profiles and constantly give updates, at least one time in a day or few times in a week.
  2. Unleash the power of hashtags to bring more users.
  3. In the ‘About’ section of YouTube, give more content, information, and links to your other profiles. The same goes for LinkedIn as well. Make the best use of ‘Showcase Pages’ there.
  4. For Instagram, use videos along with photographs as well. Use hashtags and add proper descriptions to them.
  5. Even in Pinterest, you must give descriptions of your pins to make it more valuable.

SMO for ranking and visibility: Build an effective link

According to experts, linking your company’s website to optimize social media handles can rapidly augment your position on SERP. It is one of the major strategies of SMO for ranking and visibility which most sites ignore to do.

In case you are scratching your head – ‘why is that important?’check out the points below.

  1. Cost effective mode of advertising:

True that social media cannot replace traditional mode of advertising and marketing, but it certainly takes your brand to a larger mass without making a hole in your pocket. As you know, we don’t need to pay for creating a social media account.

  1. Word of Mouth marketing using social media for SEO:

Nothing is more reliable to a person than a recommendation from his/her trusted person, isn’t it? Social media is an excellent platform for initiating word of mouth campaigns on a digital scale. While users have negative sentiments towards online ads, the best part, in this case, is – they won’t even know it’s a marketing campaign going on. In less time, you reach maximum people, with minimum investment.

  1. Increase followers:

Optimized social profiles attract more followers faster than visitors in websites. So, this is one more reason to link your website with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc.

All these are using social media for SEO as the links will help your website to draw more traffic, gain visibility and rank well.

What are the other linking possibilities?

  1. Social profile links should be included in company’s email.
  2. If you have control of any 3rd party site, make sure to link your social profiles there.
  3. You can link one social media profile to another.

Hence, using social media for SEO in the best way can leverage your ranking and make you a trusted brand both – in Google and for your customers.


Amrit Dubey is the founder of the digital marketing company JSM Digital Marketing based in Delhi, India. He’s been working in digital marketing since 2009, focusing primarily on SEO. You can find him on Twitter.

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