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Ways to Recover from the Google Medic Update

Posted By > Amrit Dubey > 30 January 2019

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Amrit Dubey, JSM Digital Marketing

1 August 2018, Google rolled out a form regarding their new Google Medic Update. It has been verified as one of the most used search engine algorithms and has left a trail with their new features. The trace of tumultuous rankings given by Google on their different websites has been noticed with the upcoming of Google Medic Update.

Many SEO engines have ranked this feature in the top market, and this has been one of the amazing features of Google to rank the best.  Google Medic Update has been reorganised only to check the health, fitness and other medical websites. It helps users to understand the different ways to interpret various functions of medical apps in the search engine optimisation results of Google.

However, it runs on the Query intent update which means that the users have to put up with their search queries and understand which one of the latest is coming at first. An user has to determine their search results based on their different data and performance on this Google Medic Update.

So what exactly happened?
The week when Google released this algorithm, people were not pleased with the Medic Update. Broad changes and improvements were done by professionals every week, but the new Google Medic Update didn’t let users to connect with the immediate apps and surroundings.

What happened is that during the August, Google confirmed its new Google Medic Update which said that users would be able to find their medical options amongst other with the help of this new feature that Google is launching on the stores.

The broad core of algorithms has helped different designers to come up with a new plan to help different users to get what they need from the subject of using Google Medic Update. SEO’s were left frustrated with the different results that were drawn with the help of this Google Medic Update.

The Google value expeditions were not rendered correctly, and most people were unsatisfied with the search results that were showing up on Google. There are so many updates which are done by Google based on speed and performance that the Google Medic Update was left behind by the developers. 

This medic update is not compliments of the website’s advantage, but a certain decree of about 80% of user ratings was posted since the last medic updates. The top pages had decreased in their visibility and ranks, and the Google Medic Update has hampered most of their page current ranking.

It was seen across a lot of sites in the US which were building their firm and proving their position in the market, but had nothing to do with the Google Medic Update. Since it was hampering a lot of current potential markets and SEO in the realm, it had hindered almost every single update and page ranked by Google in the earlier terms.

The compliments of different researchers were seen, and they expressed their grave concern towards this subject.

What is the condition in the market?

A week ago, Google dropped a report which showed that new and better algorithms would be allowed with the use of Google Medic Update. Since then, the reaction of the update has been going downhill with all the website builders and their current assistance.

People have collected a lot of survey reports in the market which has told that most of them instead did not use the profound of Google and were not much interested in the new updates. Since most of their websites were hampered during this time of the update, some of them were not pleased with the Google rankings.

Most of the entrepreneurs who have started their new industry were currently on the turmoil that their new business would rank lower than what had been shown in the usual. The update which was packed by Google was winding down on all the possibilities it had stored for itself. There were over more than 3000 sites reviewed by different professionals and who have concluded that their rankings were lower than the normal.

Their rankings gradually impacted by the sources of Google Medic Update. The first bit of the data which was stored in the ranking options of these websites were not sorely stood out in the beginning. These were the biggest ones which were affecting all the sites on one go.

There are specially mentioned periods through which this Google Medic Update worked on its own. In fact, over 50 percent of the healthy lifestyle space were showing in different rankings after the implementation of the Google Medic Update. There were a lot of surveys done before, but no one really cared for the same results but regarding this discussion.

Most of the survey reports were based on the results and how people were pertaining to the new idea of Google doing their search engine optimisation with the help of their new ranking system and methods. There were a lot of global and core updates which helped Google to come to this plan at the end of the discussion.

Most of the developers who were working with Google have said that this update has hampered a lot of currently ranked websites on the market and since they are not used to their complete potential, it will continue doing the same.

The system and ranking algorithm of Google Medic Update was done on a global range which means all the areas sites were affected because of this update. For example, if there are sites in the locations which are far, then they were harmed in the same way.
The most useful one went to the really popular sites which were doing great in the current ranking positions since they are ranked among a lower number than what they used to.

What its impact and how is it pertaining to all the sites at once?

An important point which was missed by a lot of people said that this update would have a broad core. It means that a lot of people missed the reactively denied fitness and medical health app during the different industries and especially.

With a lot of problems in the way, this Google Medic Update have not done and served these people the same that it said it should have done. A lot of people were affected by the same.

A lot of industries who had their same note on different programs and application elopement showed that this Google Medic Update was not particularly meant for them. Though these sites were practically meant for people to update their performance and build their core system, a lot of hits were not done for the same.

For example, a total of 50 percent of sites were affected through the system of Google Medic Update. Most of the websites took the bigger hit since 50% of their programming development were already affected by the same. The other half which was affected were known as the ecommerce industries and the travelling functions.

The entertainment portion of the industry was also affected by massive numbers. What is more to say when Pedro Dias told the former media that interviewed Gary Illynes noted that the event which was designed for different people to search on various websites all at the same time were specially targeted for people to view their health quotients.

It is now a coincidence that most for the people were not targeted for the whole market. As you may have guessed by now, the medic was given for a particular reason to see the actual Google Medic Update.

In a review of all the other sites which were made by other different collective websites on the same time said that the large percentage of sites which were affected through this source of medic update had their overall rankings on the downhill.

Heath is one of the most searched words on different keyword list, and on hitting average numbers and degrees, most of the industries had to take the burn since the Google Medic Update was based on the same.

If you look at the different comments at the same time, then you will understand that most of these sites are completely based on their search engine optimisation and their ability to rank among the best with the help of the same.

These were used to bring intend to different platforms at the same time with the help of Google Medic Update, but nothing was achieved since most of these sites do not have higher authorities like the medical and health-related sites of WebMD or Mayo Clinic. If you look at the sites rankings, then they are hardest one on the list to rank among the best of the top rated medical websites with the help of Google.

What are the extreme fluctuations in the market?

Pages which have solicited information regarding their different clients at the same time then they have their identity theft could be used with the use of this new Google Medic Update.

For example, if you have different personal information and bank account numbers on your page, then you have a probability that this new Google Medic Update will be an identity thief of your new information.

Pages which are used for different monetary transactions are used by different crediting accounts for different process, at the same time if you are trying to buy something from online value and markets then your information might be in the wrong hands. There are different pages which have offered different medical issues and others to their viewers, and they are affected by the same thing on the market.

Pages which are offering different advice on significant life choices like pages on parenting and other pages on home remedies have significant theft on their information which can be misled for the same and used by wrong hands.

Pages which are offering different issues on political and urgent matters have to get their information solidified from the others since these pages have the maximum amount of thefts regarding the same. There are a lot of website in the market who are offering different life premium resources and others to make sure that their customers are doing the same with their offers, but these pages have been hampered most with the new Google Medic Update.

There are a maximum of almost 1000 websites which have been corresponded to the new Google Medic Update, and they are not doing the same with the results that they have obtained for themselves. These medic outdates on the run still, and people are still finding it difficult to recover from the latest ones.
There are top ranked websites which are still doing great, and people are getting their search results on the optimisation button as well. Different authorities advised discretion at the same time when the market drew these Google Medic Update. Everyone had their clear proportion of the demand and the firm they were based on.

Large websites which had a better ranking on different aspects were not affected much by the Google Medic Update. Sites which were still on the run and they were doing great with the old updates had no better responses for them.

This is because the developers made an application which could hamper most of the designers and their new functions in the market and they were mainly among different medical websites which found themselves on the current updating lists.

When the different outlines and outcomes marked these websites, then they were categorised in different and particular markets at the same time. Generally a lot broad of core market was affected by the Google Medic Update and their workings for development.

How can you recover at the best speed from this Google Medic Update?

There are a lot of options through which you can recover from this Google Medic Update. Several SEOs have twitted the founders and have expressed their grave concern for the same.

There is nothing wrong with most of the pages now, but soon they will be thrown in the list of low ranked websites if not appropriately treated.
General advice which was given to different sites at the same time then they have to speculate different items which were renamed on the SEO rankings of these website plans.

Some of the websites were drawn on the basis of reasoning on their parts, and they had great algorithms to make sure that they had the modest of correlation on their site. The three theories which were produced are given on the same listed points.

E. A. T Theory

This first recovery theory marked the importance and the post updates which were used on the fixing of the websites ranking portions. The eat theory means that you will have to expertise on the same reports and then authorise your statement with the same trust and build at the same time.

Then you will have to likely stem out the possibilities of all the functions and reports at the same time to think that the statements were drawn into better hands. This function was recommended with the best of functions they were seen among the best recovering updates on the Google website and these guide lines prodded were enough for some people.

Just one week before this update was stated by Google, people have tried acting on different indicators at the same time then they had the same algorithm packed to make sure that they understood the concept of the eat theory.

The theory of quality content

The approach of quality content, widely known as the ‘content theory’ is more of an expansive research-based proposition conducted by a reputed bank. The researchers taking up this study found an acceptable correlation between the webpage’s position on the SERP and the length of its content. The SERP position taken into consideration was the one arrived at after the Google Medic Update.

It meant that if web pages hosted longer contents than that of their competing pages, they would be ranked higher on the SERPs.
It points towards the fact that Google is aiming to target contents that are more specific and expansive in answering the queries of web searchers.

The theory of query intent

According to this theory, websites needed to mirror their content according to the web searcher’s intent. It was pointed to be the reason behind an unexpected decline in rankings of sites that hosted high-quality and authoritative content. On the other hand, sites that mirrored their content by what users asked for gained in rankings and climbed up the SERPs after the Google Medic Update.

So, how can websites recover from the effects of this update? Not to worry! They only have to make sure that the content they have posted on their sites matches as closely to the questions as possible. It should also mirror the answering expectations users have when asking questions.
Carrying forward these theories, experts have devised ways and solutions that help websites recover from the effects of this Google update.
Let’s check them out one by one!

Follow the advice Google has for you – match content with intent

The most effective way to recover from the effects of this up date is to follow what Google advised. What else can it be than creating content that matches your target audience’s queries?

Google itself had a narrow guideline for resolving the fix. The broader stance that it took was that websites should create content that closely resembles what users expect to get for their queries.

Good news is that it revolves around the EAT theory explained earlier, i.e. Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness. Hence, websites willing to recover from the Google Medic Update should start with hosting content that brings expert knowledge on the subject matter to the fore. Also, content should be authoritative, meaning offering value to readers in ways more than one. Apart from that, the content should also have information that the reader can trust and follow.

Keeping in mind these three requirements, you can go forward with content creation on the following lines –

  • Include the contents of reputed guest bloggers who command high readership on the internet.
  • Make sure that any claims you make about your products or services have the backing of experts. To validate it further, you can publish the interviews or statements of these experts.
  • Stay focused on facts related to your subject or topic. Ditch the idea of making claims that are unsubstantiated or can prove to be harmful in any way.
  • Create partnerships with professionals or accredited associations. You can also include their bios and by-lines when publishing a content that refers or revolves around them.
  • Include imageries that help your readers visualise the data you are projecting.
  • Understand and address user intent through website content

Google Medic Update was carried out as Google wanted to make its results more and more relevant to the searches. The one accurate way to do so is to go forward with results that address the relevance according to user intent.
So, check this!

Is your content relevant when it comes to understanding user intent and addressing it accurately?
If not, it’s high time you hosted content that brings the closest relevance to the intended users are searching with. Well, there is another emerging trend that can help understand it better to bring in a comprehensive meaning.

Voice search has brought in an entirely new dynamism to how users searched for results. Through the voice mode, they are putting forward questions rather than typing a set of words. Google is thus looking for website content with answers to fetch results for these fully formed questions accurately.
It would bring forward web pages that host the closest possible answers to those questions.

Therefore, to pull your website out of the effects brought by the medic updates, you need to frame content that answers specific queries. For this, you need to make the content

  • Informational
  • Clear
  • Fact-based

So, for instance, if you operate in the healthcare sector, you need to address specific concerns related to health and wellness. It should be informational, while answering questions of people looking out for health and wellness solutions. Similarly, for any other sector, the same fundamental content creation strategy applies.

Stick to content that specifies the products or services you provide

Do you remember the times when all that was important for sites was to upload content with fresh and relevant keywords? Irrespective of the content information, Google used to rank websites with the right keywords higher.

For example, fitness blogs having keywords like ‘weight loss’ interspersed could take the webpage ranking high even if it had a vague description like how to feed your dog.

Well, new and emerging algorithmic updates have brought in vast changes to how web pages are ranked on the SERP.
As for the recent Google Medic Update, it requires a website to host content relevant and specific to its products and services. Thus, sites that create and publish content for their web pages with particular information about their products and services are the ones to gain high ranks.
So, stick to the theme Google wants to see on your web pages, so that it can push them forward to the users requiring these contents. Also, to hold with the EAT theory; you need to make your web pages authoritative. It again requires you to offer valuable information that is relevant to your target audience.

Not only this, even content back linked to your web pages that are not related to your theme will backfire. Hence, instead of taking you higher on the SERPs, Google is going to penalise you.

There might be older pages on your website that were developed according to the older updates but are no more relevant to the current scenario. Also, they receive little to no traffic.

Do you know they decrease your web authority?
Follow these tips to regain the authority and recover from the update’s effects –

  • Go on with the removal of old web pages that have irrelevant contents and next to no traffic.
  • Initiate de-indexing of these pages so that Google doesn’t notice it.
  • For the pages that you want to keep indexed, make sure they host unique content with relevant backlinks.                               

Technical SEO has taken centre stage, so go with the flow

Google always welcomes websites that load faster. Fast loading includes all the texts, images and videos that it hosts on its webpages. It is because speedy sites serve the purpose of users efficiently.

Since all Google does is facilitate and improve its users’ experiences, it pushes up the websites that load quickly and early with all their features. Also, there has been an emerging trend of users looking for mobile-friendly websites. Thus, companies or individuals who go with a mobile-first approach for their sites gain favour from Google to earn a higher ranking.

These factors, along with other structural requirements of a website form the periphery of technical SEO. Therefore, you need to make sure the technical aspect of your site is optimised for landing high on the SERPs.

Here’s what you need to do to take forward your technical SEO game –

  • Reduce the loading speed of your site to less than three seconds
  • Integrate mobile-friendly features in your site structure
  • Use headers that are rich in keywords and metadata
  • Make sure to fix any links that bring readers to your site
  • Follow a logical structure when going forward with website creation
  • Interlink web pages of your site to one another, establishing a definite hierarchy

Note: Properly interlinked pages of a website help the user navigate smoothly from one page to the other. It is important because of two reasons. One, sharing of ranking authority for pages within the website becomes easier. Next, an established informational hierarchy is listed among the favoured pointers valued by Google.

Properly optimise the YMYL pages

Google says that’s one pages on websites carry the potential to impact the future of user security, happiness, financial stability and the overall website health. They are known as the ‘Your Money or Your Life’ pages.

These pages are the ones that host critical information relevant for the business and having the capacity to influence your target audience. Therefore, they are considered pages of the highest standard.

To make sure they stick to the proposition they present for the business, Google sees if they adhere to its guidelines.

Thus, when the Google Medic Update was carried out, these were the pages that were heavily impacted. Data shows that some of the sectors that bore the severe brunt of the same included –

  • Health
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Entertainment
  • E-commerce
  • Technology
  • Travel

The industry that was the most affected by this hunt down was the health division, with the financial sector following it. There were also many other non-YMYL pages that were affected.
Hence, these standards made it clear that when it comes to user information, websites need to stick with high-quality content when the topics are –

  • Related to the health and wellness sector
  • Compared to financial advice people look for
  • For the pages that aim to inform or advice readers and issues with potential adverse impacts
  • For top-rated pages involving high-quality articles or blogs that deal with hobby

Therefore, if your website has been affected by the Google Medic Update, it’s best to go forward and optimise the YMYL pages according to these specifications –

  • If it is a shopping page or the one where users initiate financial transactions, it needs to be made secure.
  • For the pages that host tax information or financial advice, the website owner needs to make sure that experts write them. Also, they should carry suitable disclaimers which do not create a liability on the site.
  • Bring expert knowledge when creating content that carries in-depth information related to medicine and diseases. Also, it should have a proper back-up of research with frequent updates, as and when available.
  • Pages that carry sensitive legal information should also take into consideration the advice of experts. They should also give specific references along with disclaimers.

With these guidelines, you can make sure the YMYL pages of your website are properly optimised. A page that is informative while ensuring the readers are not misled receives high value by Google, thus increasing its chances of gaining SERP rankings. Besides, it will also help you overcome any loss of ranking that your site underwent after Google Medic Update.

Well, these were the significant changes that you need to bring to your site for recovering from the medic update. There are some more of them out there that can help you improve your reader experience, in turn bringing you higher rankings.
Take a look -

A high-quality About Us page

Websites that do not have a well-developed About Us page, or lack it all together, are prone to face the wrath of Google’s latest algorithmic updates. So, make sure your website has a dedicated page that explains its history, expertise, credentials, authority, etc.

Users’ ad experience on your site

Another feature that took many sites down the SERPs after Google Medic Update was a presence of confusing and irrelevant ads in bulk. To avoid being penalised for this feature, make sure your web pages feature identifiable and limited ads.

Optimisation of website design

Website design is a primary feature that decides how user-friendly a website is. Google makes sure sites that have a user-friendly design with scope for interaction are ranked higher. So, try and include them as much as possible.

Use of keywords

Incorporation of relevant keywords along with their LSI counterparts with in the content like Meta titles, Meta descriptions, etc. lso help recover from the medic updates.

Inclusion of all these factors means a better content that takes you higher on the SERPs. Hence, with proper incorporation, you can easily overcome all limitations that Google Medic Update deems plausible.

We hope this article to be helpful for you in increasing website ranking. Let us know if you have any queries!


Amrit Dubey is the founder of the digital marketing company JSM Digital Marketing based in Delhi, India. He’s been working in digital marketing since 2009, focusing primarily on SEO. You can find him on Twitter.

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