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Know About The 5 Positives Of PPC Manager And Managing!

Posted By > Amrit Dubey > 29 June 2018

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Amrit Dubey, JSM Digital Marketing

Know About the 5 Positives of Ppc Manager and Managing!

In the vast wide world of internet, where will you find your work? It is simply very easy to get lost! Yes, every day on an average 2 million articles is posted online. Now, you think it is easy to find your work, make money and feel content? Well yes, it is not that difficult. All you need is to PPC manager! They will ensure you get a Google advisement space and you can see yourself (that means your company/ domain/ profile) popping up here, there and in everywhere. So, people will click to know more about your work.

But for this, you need to contact aPPC manager, who is a professional!

Who are they?

PPC managers are those who will look at the crucial point of Pay Per Click marketing strategy for your online domain. Starting from briefing the in-house team to analyzing the spotting trends in data;PPC managing is very much responsible for all of these. Inshort, they outline the ad extension success of your company or client.

So, now do you get their importance? If not yet, let me tell you about it.

5 things that your PPC manager does to work magic in advertisement marketing

You have a massive team who are reporting to you on a daily basis and handling a good number of clients. They need to keep an eye on the entire episode of how the fund in the account is being channelized and how much benefits they are getting from the PPC managing procedure. At the end of the day what matters is that, if the company or client can convert enough traffic by the advertisement to their account.

  1. They are the way to find the keyword King!

It is certainly not an easy job to find the right keyword (personally, I know the difficulty level of this). You need to have a strategic Pay-Per-Click keyword grouping to ensure that with the particular search, your web link is right there on top of the page. Now, know how this will further help –

  • Higher Quality Score
  • Lower minimum bid
  • Better AdWords Click Through Rate (CTR)

This is what will turn your PPC keyword into advertisement revenue.

  1. Track, Track, Track your leads

Find out how many leads or new revenue the PPC has pulled from the previous day. This is a follow up that the PPC manager will do every day. They need to direct their team to follow the same and see how good/bad/average they are doing. The best part is, it creates a sense of confidence and motivates the team to pull more leads.

  • Gives a quick look to check any inconsistencies

If you professional PPC managing, they will certainly give a closer look to all the campaigning performance. They also pinpoint the problems, frame them correctly and ensure a better PPC result.

  1. Point out the fluctuations

A sudden drastic drop in Ad spend is a clear signal that something is wrong with the internal team. Keeping a tab daily on this will help to fight and suppress all the negative press.

  1. Positioning the advertisement

It is crucial to ensure that the advertisement is there in the appropriate position as it changes the Google SERPS. Though this is also related to the keyword, PPC managers can have a clear understanding on where to place the advertisement.

Before everything, a PPC manager generally has a clear outline of their day and how they will manage the work. For this, there are two major things that you need to know (if you want to ace in this position as it is in high demand in market now) –

  • Keeping a tab on what happened last day – Things can change overnight, so for best, you need to keep a tab and make sure that all of it falls in place. Moreover, this will give a clearer idea of how to redirect things to your team for better working.
  • Take clear and quick actions – Yes, a proper reaction is very important to save the day. If you can finalize on what stand you have to take, making critical adjustments will be better.

With all these information now you know how to carry on with a perfect PPC manager and create perfect advertisement marketing for your company!


Amrit Dubey is the founder of the digital marketing company JSM Digital Marketing based in Delhi, India. He’s been working in digital marketing since 2009, focusing primarily on SEO. You can find him on Twitter.

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